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WORK180 help women find rewarding careers in workplaces they love, and encouraging them to be the best they can be! Below are just a few reasons women love to be part of the WORK180 community. Whether you are looking for work or tools to take your career to the next level, we encourage you to join us!

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Thanks to WORK180, I found and landed a fantastic position at Frontier Advisors.  Most importantly, I was able to do so with the confidence that the company I would be entering is supportive of women in terms of pay equity, flexibility and leadership – this is not always easy to find in the industry.  I would highly recommend WORK180 to other jobseekers with the same values.

Marie Cardaci

"I am absolutely loving my new job at RMIT Online that I got through WORK180. Thanks to WORK180 I am now part of a workplace who are passionate about empowering women in IT. I'm working in an incredible space with amazing colleagues, and am so thankful for the help in changing my work life!" 

Aisling Wood

"Working for organisations who are willing to take steps to change their workplace culture has been the most inspiring workplace environment achievement in my lifetime.  I'm so grateful, because I know with these steps, it is creating a career pathway for my daughter and our next generations who benefit in their futures!  Thank you WORK180 for being the beacon! " 

Barbara Sheehy 

"Landing my new role as a Software Engineer at The Yield through WORK180 turned out to be the golden ticket. I highly recommend WORK180 as a job board for women!" 

Anne McCloghry

"Thanks to WORK180 I am now working at Accenture. Not only does Accenture have a strong global brand, but it provides a working environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Accenture is a committed to providing a diverse and inclusive workplace and as such, has been able to provide me a flexible work arrangement that suits my personal circumstances."

Elizabeth Morley

"WORK180 events are very informative and the networking opportunities are also great! In the first meetup I attended, Gemma spoke about developing a Personal Brand to advance my career. I learnt a lot that evening and applied these lessons. Since this meetup, I have put myself out there using social media, telling people what my passion is and what I plan to achieve and going to different events. This has really opened so many opportunities for me when it comes to my new business venture Herconomics. I have met amazing people who have given me opportunities to grow my business. By using the lessons from this Personal branding session that WORK180 ran I have totally shifted how I show up in my career and business life."  

Wadzanai Nenzou

“I found my dream job through WORK180 at ThoughtWorks- I love the culture and the diversity we have. For example, I’m currently part of a team with three women and two men. This is really unheard of in the industry!” 

Sara Borgstrom

“The confidence that the initial consultation with Gemma has given me, has changed my life and led me to my new role- I am so happy to be a part of the Flight Centre Travel Group. I cannot thank you enough for this, I will continue to recommend  your services to as many people as I can.” 

Gunjan Mehta

"Through WORK180, I landed a job that I thought was out of my reach and I’m now part of a supportive and encouraging workplace. Many thanks to WORK180 for providing a jobs site which gave me the confidence to apply, as I know the employers on WORK180 are supportive and share my values. I highly recommend the WORK180 community to anyone who asks!"  

Felicity Kelleher 

Ready for a new career challenge, I set out to find the perfect job. I wanted to work for an organisation that was flexible with a great culture, innovative and diverse, somewhere that encourages leadership and growth. Thanks to WORK180 I was able to find a job at Megaport that not only ticked all the boxes but exceeded my expectations. It's everything I was looking for and so much more!

Mona Dalati 

WORK180 is a much needed place where professional women can find necessary support to progress in today’s highly competitive professional environment. My experience is that it opens doors for women to connect to better, I would say not only family but mother friendly work places as well. That is the beauty and confidence WORK180 gives to me, that there is someone out there caring and fighting for us!”

Sanja Bila

"I am a huge supporter of WORK180 and thankful there is such a reputable jobsite specifically aimed at supporting and encouraging women employees."

Rejele L. Foster

“I was in a very fragile state. Being a new migrant I spent my initial days setting up my family here but once all was settled I was left with a 6 months gap on my resume. I had fears of questions/rejections. Every day was putting a damper to my spirit. Unusual for me but I decided to reach out and ask for help. Honestly, I thought nobody will get back. But almost within a day there were messages of support, encouragement but what stood out the most was “Practical help”. Within a week I had my first interview and then the rest is history. Now I am working in an organization where Flexibility, Diversity & Inclusion are part of the culture. Under a boss, who inspires others like me to dream big. I feel all this happened because somewhere somebody thought about championing the rights of female talent and ACTED on it. Thank you WORK180 for helping me and so many others.” - Saima’ Faruqi

Samia Faruqi

WORK180 is much more than just another jobs board. We provide support to women and assisting them with every aspect of performing at their best. Explore our upcoming events and articles on career development and job seeking tips.