Senior Manager, Financial Restructuring

Location: Sydney
Job Type: Full time
Reference: AUNZ03344
Job Purpose
Primary responsibility for the management and work out of problem Wholesale and Country Banking loans in Australia rated substandard or worse.
Key Accountabilities
Primary responsibility for the management and work out of Wholesale and Country Banking Client problem loans. This role will specifically deal with the Bank’s more complex wholesale restructure and recovery situations and may include dealing with syndicated loans, cross border loans, structured trade finance situations, leveraged positions, and negotiating the sale of the Bank’s debt in secondary markets. It is expected that these situations will have a high level of complexity.
You will autonomously manage loans classified Substandard or worse. Duties may include:
■ Working with clients and Account Managers to achieve an approval of a restructuring/recovery strategy. This will include arranging and attending meetings with clients and Account Managers, formally corresponding with clients to communicate the Bank’s requirements and regularly reviewing the progress and success of the restructuring strategy;
■ Liaising with higher decision making bodies within the bank;
■ Reviewing of documentation in relating to the client; 
■ Reviewing and commenting on requests received in relation to a client;
■ Managing other stages of workouts including, Farm Debt Mediation, assets sales and debt reduction programs;
■ Liaising with internal legal, and together with internal legal providing instructions to the Bank’s external lawyers to effect elements of the restructuring such as sale and release of securities etc;
■ Liaising with insolvency professionals such as receivers and accountants;
■ Analysing financial and other information provided by clients;
■ Preparation of all reporting including the compilation of information required for reports to be prepared by the Business Manager (SAM), such as management committee reports, Utrecht reporting, Credit Committee papers, and specific provisioning recommendations;
■ Approving Credit Reviews, Applications and Strategy under SAM delegation;
■ Prepare and present Loan Strategy reports;
■ Provide information to the Business Manager to assist him/her with the compilation of reports including management committee reports, APRA returns, Utrecht reports, provisioning recommendations and reports for internal and external and auditors. 
■ Liaise with Business Manager to assist him/her with preparing reports to be provided by Team Leader and/or Chief Risk Officer to Business Unit Heads and Regional Managers to provide updates on the management of problem loans. 
Other duties as directed.

Key Skill Areas
1. Business Knowledge
■ Sound understanding of banking procedures and policies (F&A experience desirable but not essential).
■ Extensive knowledge of insolvency procedures (particularly recovery proceedings) and problem loan management gained in a financial institution or reputable insolvency practice with particular abilities in regard to work out and restructuring complex wholesale positions.

2. Leadership Skills
■ An ability to influence stakeholders (both within the Bank and external to it) in order to communicate loan management strategies effectively and obtain the participation and endorsement of those parties in achieving the desired outcomes for the Bank.

3. Interpersonal Skills
■ An ability to work closely under the management of senior staff within the SAM unit with a view to developing technical skills and management capability.
■ Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
■ Strong negotiation skills 
■ The ability to handle difficult situations with sensitivity and tact.
■ The ability to act decisively and maintain composure under pressure.
■ An ability to communicate effectively across a wide spectrum of clients and situations from conversations around the farming kitchen table to negotiations with directors in the boardroom. 

4. Customer Focus
■ An ability to understand the evolving needs of internal Bank customers (i.e. business units such as Wholesale Banking, Country Banking, Finance & Control) in order to facilitate the relationship between SAM and those units.
■ An ability to empathise with the Bank’s customers in order to formulate appropriate loan strategies which achieve favourable outcomes for not only the Bank but also its customers where possible.

5. Technical and Specialist Skills
■ Proficiency in computer usage and an ability to effectively use programs such as Word, Excel and similar applications.
■ Knowledge of banking processes (i.e. approval processes, loan structuring etc).
■ Detailed understanding of insolvency procedures including recovery proceedings through the court system, mediation (including Farm Debt Mediation), bankruptcy and liquidation.

6. Planning and Organisation
■ An ability to plan and prioritise competing tasks in order to ensure that workload is managed competently and efficiently within timeframes set out in Bank policies, Court timetables and loan management strategies.

7. Qualifications and Experience
■ At least 3 years experience gained in a financial institution or reputable insolvency practice.
■ Experience in problem management and insolvency procedures within a complex wholesale environment. Experience with managing problem loans autonomously is desirable but not essential.
■ Tertiary qualifications in Commerce/Economics/Finance.