Principal Program Manager

Location: Sydney
Job Type: Full time
Reference: 420544


Job Description:

In today’s world, the barriers to building a business have never been lower. This has led to an explosion of born-in-the-cloud startups that is not only fueling, but fundamentally redefining the global IT economy. At Microsoft, we are committed to championing startups at every stage of their journey. From seed and series-A where the emphasis is building a minimal viable product and proving that an idea can be built, to later stages where securing funding and building a customer base is critical - we are uniquely positioned to help startups be successful. From tech enablement programs like Microsoft for Startups to unparalleled access to marketing, technical and business resources through our 1st party Microsoft Accelerators, The Microsoft for Startup Team is dedicated to making Microsoft the preferred partner for successful startups.

Strong engineer with Project Management abilities who can work closely with cloud startups to architect complex and large scale applications on Azure or private cloud. Understand highly technical and often ambiguous startup requirements and business goals and provide input and guidance to impact the customer’s solution choice and design.

The candidate should be energetic, motivated and a self-starter with a strong focus on getting things done.

The candidate must be customer driven - clearly capturing customer requirements and advocating for their success. The candidate should be able to design and build high quality features that are robust, scalable, fault tolerant and supportable.

The candidate should also work well juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines and ever changing requirements. In addition to the strong technical skills the candidate will be positioned as the top technical authority in the local Microsoft for Startups team and therefore is expected to take part, host and deliver technical sessions, advise startups and work with them on their technical problems, as part of 1:1 advise, hackathons and other technical sessions.

The candidate report directly to the CTO, GM STARTUP ADVOCACY and will work professionally of the Microsoft for Startups



  • Strong understanding of cloud computing technologies, emerging trends and related technology including knowledge of competitors such as Amazon EC2, AWSLambda and Google AppEngine.
  • Depth knowledge and experience in large scale, multi-tier, online service architectures
  • Knowledge of technology trends, industry participants, and leaders in the developer community OSS
  • Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills
  • A blend of curiosity, creativity, persistence, commitment, passion, and optimism
  • Able to articulate pros & cons of design/architecture decision across a wide spectrum of factors - e.g. latency, storage, startup/shutdown, etc.
  • Able to coach and mentor a broad array of startups, mobile internet, cloud infrastructure, enterprise apps.
  • Able to distill widely variant feedback into root cause issues and provide actionable feedback to other stakeholders. Building samples, presentations, tutorials, and other resources designed to help developers understand how they can take advantage of Windows Azure services


  • Ability to handle multiple tasks while balancing short term and long term needs.
  • Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration with others.
  • Experience with system modeling and architecting large platform level components.
  • Demonstrated ability and commitment to deliver features on schedule with high quality and with engineering discipline.
  • Passion for startups, the entrepreneurial community and its people and events.


An undergraduate degree in CS, engineering, or related field is required.

  • 3+ years of experience building or designing cloud related software and/or services.
  • 8+ years of experience in software engineering and successful track record shipping multiple versions of products.