Pega Programmer Analyst

Location: Sydney
Job Type: Full time
Reference: AUNZ03272
Job Overview/Purpose
The Pega Programmer Analyst will work with the ITS team on Pega projects and initiatives, and support the existing systems for the bank. The role holder will take direction from the Lead as far as work prioritisation and design. The role holder will also work closely together with business analysts in the ITS Team to ensure that systems meet business requirements and issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
Technical Knowledge:
• Provide technical knowledge to the team, ensuring the team’s ability to deliver solutions to meet key business objectives, and contribute to achieving outcomes of Project 2020;
• Conduct system modifications and releases to systems, contributing to and accepting direction from Development Lead on design of the system;
• Manage and conduct system modifications and releases to systems, designing changes to ensure future extensibility of the system.
• Ensure timely support and resolution of issues and questions to the business as required; and
• Assist Team Leader with managing vendors and other third parties involved in the delivery of project components. Investigate and find resolution of issues during the development process. Ensure solutions are built to specifications and to a high standard.

Stakeholder Management
• Assist the team with resolving issues or questions raised by the business;
• Collaborate with the Test Team to ensure suitable test cases are developed; and
• Work with manager to achieve the best outcome for key Vendor and Supplier relations.

Governance and Control
• Ensure that operational risks, audit points and compliance requirements that arise are adequately identified, assessed and mitigated; and
• Ensure that Business Continuity Requirements are met.

Customer Service:
• Delivery of excellent customer service to all internal and external clients across RANZG;
• Incorporate customer service improvements to systems;
• Ability to understand business needs and develop appropriate systems solutions; and
• Uses opportunities to collaborate with others where possible.

Change Management:
• Management of systems implementation through SDLC or agile methodologies;
• Ensure processes are being followed and key controls are in place to implement effective systems change management; and
• Take responsibility for managing the embedding of any systems changes affecting key stakeholders.
Core Competencies
Customer Focus*: Engaging the customer in dialogue, detecting and listing customers’ wishes and needs. Responding and anticipating this, putting the customer first. Thinking and acting from the customer’s perspective. Staying focused on creating added value for the customer (customer value) and improving the service provision.

Partnership*: Contributing to a joint result based on the philosophy of reciprocal value creation. Seeking collaboration and supporting others. Showing commitment to the joint objective and acting accordingly. Sharing information and knowledge with others. Achieving and connecting synergies.

Problem Solving: Substantiating (strategic and operational) choices and actions based on sound problem analysis. Collecting relevant information, analysing data and correlating. Drawing correct and realistic conclusions.

Personal Development: Working continually on own personal growth. Staying open to feedback and actively expanding/improving own knowledge, skills and behaviour as an avenue for increasing own performance and that of the organisation or the unit.

Deliver Results: Working actively and in a disciplined way towards achieving the agreed results and set goals. Working according to the principles of ‘right first time’ and ‘good is good enough’. Seeking challenges and identifying and creating opportunities to improve results.

Initiative: Challenging self and others to pursue initiatives and take responsible risks with the objective of improving results. Making decisions and initiating actions based on well-considered risk analysis. Daring to speak up and make choices. Taking responsibility for own decisions and choices.

*Mandatory Competency for all RANZG roles.
Job Skills and Knowledge

• Minimum 5 years’ experience in delivering IT projects, systems changes;
• Minimum 2 years’ experience in banking and finance;
• 5+ years of Pega system experience, particularly technical design and development;
• On Premise Pega Deployment Experience;
• Proficiency in IAC implementation concepts (including but not limited to):
o Strong implementation knowledge of Case Management (including Dependency)
o Hands on expertise in configuring Pega UI with Branding
• Proficiency in integration concepts (including but not limited to):
o PRPC with JMS and REST
o Inbound email service design and configuration
o PRPC asynchronous integration models
o Integration Error Handling and debugging
o Distributed transactions
o XML for Data mapping;
• Proficiency in Pega Architecture concepts (including but not limited to):
o J2EE architecture and PRPC fit
o Evaluating class structures for future enhancements
o Rule Assembly and Execution
o Pega Caches
o Pega Cloud and Multitenancy
o Split Schema Architecture
o High Availability
• Proficiency in:
o Parallel development
o Release Management
o Application Migration
o Refactoring
o Pega Version Upgrades
o Security Best Practices 
o PRPC Authentication and Authorization model
o Different authentication types that can be configured in PRPC
o Internal and external authorization
o Encryption usage
• Strong understanding of customer experience, client service, marketing, sales force automation and business process management;
• Plugin integration experience;
• Basic Windows (Active Directory) and SQL Server infrastructure knowledge;
• Data migration and integration experience
• Strong understanding of customer experience and client service;
• Strong understanding of finance / banking / IT industry products, services and internal functions;
• Good written and verbal communication skills. 
• Experience in delivering training to business testers and users
• Ability to build and maintain internal client relationships.
• Ability to manage competing priorities and work successfully to deadlines. 
• Experience working in Agile scrum delivery teams.

Soft Skills Set – 
• Willingness and ability to learn and grow
• High level of accuracy and attention to detail
• Ability to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines, and remains calm under pressure.
• Illustrates initiative and proactive behaviours, and is a self-motivated individual.
• Remains positive at all times and focused on opportunities.

Desirable: (Optional)
• Available to travel internationally, and work outside of normal business hours as required.
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science or similar 
• Minimum 5 years’ experience working with Pega.
• Pega certification

Desirable: (Optional)
• Knowledge and experience with open source frameworks, integration technologies;
• Knowledge of Call Centres operations.
Development Value
This role is important to the success of RANZG by contributing to the strategic direction of the bank. 

The role will provide the opportunity to enhance skills required for larger roles with a bank wide focus.