Manager, Credit Approvals

Location: Perth
Job Type: Full time
Reference: AUNZ03299
Job Overview/Purpose
With a focus on Credit approvals and requests, assess financial information and credit submissions for new and existing clients of Country Banking, and, with a focus on our clients, make critical decisions (on approvals, recommendations or declines) that are consistent with the Bank’s policies, strategic direction and Risk Appetite.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
• Fully accountable and responsible for all decsioning matters within Delegation, if outside refer/recommend to Higher Approving Authority/Committee
• Critical Analysis of Financials (Historical and Forecasts), cash flow analysis involving solvency/liquidity and Sensitivity Modelling
• Structure key operating risks and to ensure risk based solutions are evidenced within the proposal
• Deal team complex transactions with Country Banking AU and pro-actively provide advice in respect to structuring key risks within the proposal
• Ensure all proposals submitted to Credit Committee meet the Banks Standards from a credit risk, technical, policy and presentation perspective
• Assist with the preparation/recommendation into credit policy and procedures
• Establishing strong working relationships with all stakeholders including attending regional/branch meetings
• Meet the service levels agreements within Country Banking AU
• Performance will be linked to Banks Strategy and to be in support and demonstrate behaviour around same
• Involved in the continuous improvement of the Banks Standards
• Other duties as directed
Core Competencies
Market/Customer Focus
• Initiate specific actions in the organisation or division aimed at enhancing processes to deliver strong customer satisfaction whilst operating within the Banks policy and Risk Appetite
• Interprets the customer’s requirements into a risk based solution
Synergise Across Group
• Encourages and promotes cooperation with people outside own business unit if added value can be generated.
• Exchanges knowledge and ideas.
• Promotes teamwork between units.

Output/Results Driven
• Actively achieves results and goals.
• Does not give up in the face of resistance/challenge
• Works on result improvements – Win Win approach
• Applies standard processes in order to present the stakeholders with a good result first time round.
• Positive contribution to internal client satisfaction survey.

Strategic Vision
• Substantiating (strategic and operational) choices and actions based on a thorough problem analysis. 
• Collecting relevant information, analysing data and interrelation them. 
• Drawing correct and realistic conclusions.

Strategic Vision/Innovation
• Substantiating (strategic and operational) choices and actions based on a thorough problem analysis.
• Collecting relevant information, analysing data and correlation between same.
• Drawing accurate and realistic conclusions.
• Demonstrate ability to adapt to and promote change and ability to operate in an Agile Environment
Job Skills and Knowledge
Business Knowledge
• Minimum 5 – 7 years in a banking environment with exposure to either lending into the Rural/Agricultural or Middle Market Commercial sectors. Exposure to Credit decisioning for 3 years in these sectors.

Leadership Skills
• Sound ability to influence key stakeholders. 

Interpersonal Skills
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to liaise with Rural Banking staff and maintain collaborative relationships with all stakeholders.
• The ability to work proactively in partnership with other Credit staff and Branches in a team environment.
• The ability to innovate, think critically and debate issues.
• Self motivated with a practical, proactive results orientated approach.
• The ability to work under pressure and continue to deliver high quality output.

Customer Focus
• The ability to present a professional approach to all internal clients and stakeholders.
• An adherence to the departments Service Level Agreement and a willingness to assist the department in delivering service standards in line with these requirements.
• The ability to deliver to timelines with minimal errors.

Technical and Specialist Skills
• Strong financial and analytical skills with an ability to analyse and interpret balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statements, sustainability of debt levels and a sound understanding of valuation principals.
• Strong credit writing and case presentation and technical credit principal knowledge.
• Ability and desire to learn rural production systems relevant to the Commodity
• Computer literacy of general Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and gain knowledge of the Banks Core operating Systems.
• Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business or related disincline.

• Completion of the OMEGA Advanced course
Development Value
As a member of the Credit Approvals team, this role will provide overview of a range of applications including more complex deals. Because of this, development areas may present as Manager in the MAC and Wholesale Credit team, or longer term a Senior Credit Manager.