IT Risk Analyst

Location: Sydney
Job Type: Full time
Reference: AUNZ03176
Job Overview/Purpose:
The IT Risk Analyst role forms part of the Risk, Reporting and Security team in the COO Domain. The purpose of the role is to assist the Senior Manager, IT Risk and Security in ensuring the appropriate management of IT risks and controls in line with IT policies and procedures of Rabobank Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The IT Risk Analyst acts as a subject matter expert for IT risk management. It is distinguished from Risk Owners (Business Owners, ITI and ITS) in that the IT Risk Analyst facilitates identification and resolution of risk related problems. The IT Risk Analyst should not assume the role of the Risk Owner but should assist the Risk Owner to identify and resolve problems.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• Developing and managing the IT risk management practices (including risk registers, profiles, maps and dashboards)
• Assisting the IT leadership team to adopt a strong risk culture and risk management practices.
• Working with the IT leadership team to incorporate and implement the Risk Management Framework into day-to-day project activities
• Ensuring IT teams in IT Infrastructure and IT Systems appropriately and adequately address IT operational risks and controls, and have the appropriate levels of engagement with key stakeholders (i.e. Security, BCM, Compliance, Legal and Operational Risk)
• Producing regular IT risk reporting and dashboards
• Providing IT risk advice
• Liaising, coordinating and working with the 1st and 2nd line Risk Management functions (including Compliance, BCM, Security and others) and 3rd line Risk Management function (Internal Audit) to effectively manage risk.
Core Competencies:
Customer Focus:
• Engaging the customer in dialogue; detecting and listing customers' wishes and needs;
• Responding and anticipating to this, putting customer interest first. 
• Thinking and acting from the customer's perspective. 
• Staying focused on creating added value for the customer (customer value) and improving the service provision.

• Contributing to a joint result based on the philosophy of reciprocal value creation. 
• Seeking collaboration and supporting others. Showing commitment to the joint objective and acting accordingly. 
• Sharing information and knowledge with others.
• Achieving and connecting synergies.

• Challenging self and others to pursue initiatives and take responsible risks with the objective of improving results. 
• Making decisions and initiating actions based on a well-considered risk analysis. 
• Daring to speak up and make choices. 
• Taking responsibility for own decisions and choices.

Results and Output Driven:
• Deliver results achieving a concrete and tangible result. 
• In the process, exhibit discipline and decisiveness.

Personal Development
• Working continually on own personal growth. 
• Staying open to feedback and actively expanding/improving own knowledge, skills and behaviour as an avenue for increasing own performance and that of the organisation or the unit.

• Showing an insight into the mutual relationships and differences between individuals, groups or organisational units; being aware of the differences in interests, perspectives and cultures and taking them into account in actions.

Job Skills and Knowledge:
• An understanding of IT risk management and IT operational risks 
• An understanding of banking and finance operations.
• A knowledge of causes, influences and drivers of IT and operational risk.
• Experience in managing IT and operational risk, evaluating risk and reviewing risk.
• Clear written and verbal communication skills.

Desirable: (Optional)
• Experience managing stakeholders and have experience dealing with senior management and business and commercial teams
• Experience in communicating and managing change including delivering training to staff on risk management.
• Understanding of the core goals and values of Rabobank
• Good understanding of the Bank’s target market and products offered
Development Value:
This role provides experience across the breadth of Security Operations and the opportunity to gain a perspective of RANZG as a whole business. The role will allow you to develop your interpersonal skills as well as to build on the technical aspects of Security which will be beneficial for future career opportunities.
• Bachelor's Degree or International equivalent.
• A minimum of 2 years related experience in financial services industry with focus on IT risk management, controls, auditing, operational risk or process engineering is considered essential.

Desirable: (Optional)
• IIA or ISACA certification (CISA, CRMA, COBiT5 or equivalent)