FJORD - Director of Digital Product Creation

Location: Sydney
Job Type: Full time
Reference: DO497945

At Fjord we strongly believe in merging talent with passion; by combining design, strategy, and development – we achieve innovation.  Working with design and innovation, we recognize that it’s important to maintain a strong understanding of new digital platforms and emerging technology.  At the same time, the need to address market needs rapidly have reinforced the importance of having a tightly integrated team that can deliver products to market quickly.  With this in mind we are building a team that can work together with our design organization to launch signature digital products and services for our key clients.

Living at the intersection of design and engineering, the Director of Digital Product Creation is a world-class leader who will lead and support our development team responsible for building the capability side of our business.

As a team, we:

  • Contribute to the evolution of Fjord’s methodologies and best practices
  • Collaborate with designers and delivery staff alike to realise digital products in the market, whether they be an output from service design or a new client brief

As a Director, you:

  • Will build a capable team of architects, craft leads and developers that can work with internal teams and partners to deliver signature digital experiences on a multitude of platforms.  You will shape and manage skills and career development for the team
  • Have a wealth of experience to pull from, and excellent visual, verbal, and written communication skills. You enjoy being attentive to the day-to-day needs of your fellow Fjordians. You are a great listener and observer of people and their behaviors. You enjoy collaborating with others as you will play the bridge role between design and delivery, collaborating with Fjord, Accenture Interactive and Accenture Delivery
  • You would enjoy collaborating with the wider management team of the studio in driving new business to shape proposals and convert new client briefs. You will lead the solution side of pitches and support the business development team with input, client meetings, presentations and proposal creation

Working together, we will:


  • Create a winning, talent-attracting, and productive development culture in the studio, by leading by example and through proven and consistent management practices
  • Strengthen Fjord’s presence in this market and aggressively grow reputation and business


  • At least 10 years of experience in leadership roles, with proven team management and active mentorship abilities
  • 8 years or more professional software development experience
  • A solid understanding of user centered design processes and proven experience in delivering user experience centric software and solution
  • Unconventional and brilliant thinking
  • Clear, consistent, and transparent communications
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in delivering cross-platform service
  • Willingness to travel

We are a family of Fjordians. Our living culture and borderless playground provide us with space to thrive, following simple core values that inform everything we do. Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do. 

Thanks to a unique partership with Accenture, we’re able to do work that changes the world, and we’re always looking for kindred spirits.

We also believe digital product creation plays a vital role in bringing design to life. That’s why the products and services we design and build demand our full attention. If you’re smiling now, just wait until you talk to the team. Consider this your invitation to join us.