WORK180 are passionate advocates for gender equality and with the help of their Endorsed Employers have launched several campaigns to raise awareness and drive action around gender equality.

Flexible Working Week 2018

We are hosting Australia's only Flexible Working Week in June 18-22. Learn more and join the conversation!

2018 International Women's Day #PressforProgress 

This year's theme of IWD is Press for Progress. In partnership with Endorsed Employer for Women NAB we are shining a light on the forward movement we've seen in sport lately. Participation in sport is directly linked to boosting your career opportunities and progressing into leadership roles, we are showcasing individuals who have successfully connected the dots of sport and leadership.  Read more.

Buy a Limited Edition tote and support Superhero Daughter Day 2018

WORK180 are fundraising to help make  Superhero Daughter Day 2018 our biggest event to date.  Get your tote here (SOLD OUT).  

WORK180 Endorsed Employers for Women Reveal Their Top 10 Go-To Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview is tough. What questions will you be asked? What are the interviewers looking for in the answers? To help you prepare for your next interview, we asked WORK180 Endorsed Employers what their go-to interview questions were, and the reasons behind them. After all, who better to ask than the interviewers themselves? Here’s what they told us.

WORK180 Flexible Working Ambassadors

The purpose of this program is powerful- CEOs, Directors and Senior Executives on this list have committed to support flexible working across their organisations.  

WORK180 Flexible Working Week

WORK180's inaugural Flexible Working Week was on June 19-23, 2017. During this week, WORK180 Jobs declares a safe week to discuss how your role may be done flexibly with your employer.

2017 International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange

This year's theme for IWD is Be Bold for Change. Through our digital campaign, we're celebrating both individuals and organisations who’ve taken bold action to progress their own careers, support the women around them and create more inclusive workplaces.

Re-inventing Outdated Recruitment Practices

Our clients are Australia’s most supportive employers - here are their best tips for re-inventing outdated recruitment practices for attracting women to apply for non-traditional roles.

AECOM Flexibility Works

AECOM are passionate about enabling all staff to perform at their best. Through this campaign, AECOM staff have shared their unique perspectives on workplace flexibility.

2016 International Women's Day #PledgeforParity

The 2016 International Women's Day theme is Pledge for Parity. We joined forces with Australian organisations who are all focused on creating positive change.

Leaders in Gender Diversity

Our first campaign involved asking Australian senior executives why they valued diversity within their business.

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