Looking back on a year of social impact

4 days ago

In 2018, the International Women’s Day theme was #PressForProgress and, as we embraced the topic, we made it the year of change at WORK180. Every day at WORK180, we work closely with employers from small independent companies to large multinationals, growing and future-proofing businesses through smart policy and process improvements. In 2018 we saw employers changing their policies from scratc...


Sedgman's support for new parent employees

4 days ago

Part of Sedgman’s commitment to gender equality is ensuring that all employees know they are supported when circumstances in their lives change. As a reminder of this support, Sedgman now sends its employees a Sedgman bib to welcome newborn additions to their families. The baby bib, along with a signed card from our Managing Director and the employee’s team, is a demonstration of our support an...


Aurecon's Flex Able Hat Trick

8 days ago

Aurecon has achieved the Flex Able Certification for the third year in a row. By mainstreaming flexible work arrangements Aurecon is now able to focus on building its workforce for the future and enabling its purpose ‘Bringing ideas to life’. One of the ways that Aurecon is making this workplace shift is through a focus on inclusive leadership. It is one thing to have diversity in the workplace...


Learn, Share, Achieve - Juliana Goncalves de Azevedo on how to build a career in Chemical Engineering

8 days ago

Like the majority of successful engineers, Alcoa’s Juliana Goncalves de Azevedo likes learning, improving things and overcoming new challenges. But unlike the majority, she’s a woman. This seems an obvious place to begin our conversation, so we ask her how it has affected her path. “We all know we need more women in the industry but I have to say it has never really affected me. In my career, e...


ConnectSTEM: the Arup Community Group Empowering Women

22 days ago

It’s a hot topic. Those with skills related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics are in high demand and short supply in a world moving through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Added to this, the participation rates of women in these fields are startlingly low. To be successful and relevant, we know we need a diverse workforce, and with only 12.4% of all of Australia’s engineers ...


Why diversity can't be just a target

22 days ago

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Incitec Pivot Limited’s Davina Shearer is a pragmatist. But she’s also inspired. We sat down with her to find out why. As interviewees go, Davina Shearer is a dream come true. She’s clear, to the point and not afraid to say what she really thinks… which is probably why she’s at the heart of some powerful D&I change at Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL), a glob...


Celebrating women who made it to the top in 2018

about 1 month ago

Women in history shouldn’t be a mystery Today we are shining a light on those women who broke down barriers and shattered the glass ceiling in 2018. It's vital that we acknowledge and celebrate the women that are now leading some of the world’s most successful companies, often in male-dominated sectors. Land O'Lakes made history when Beth Ford took over as CEO Beth is the first openly gay woman...


How to get the most out of your 1 on 1 meetings

about 2 months ago

Are you just coasting in your career? In order to fulfill our potential, we need to be taken out of our comfort zone, we need advice and we need effective 1 on 1 meetings. As well as being important for the development of your team, it's a fundamental rule of management that to lead others you need to engage in open communication. 1 on 1 meetings are an opportunity for managers and team members...


What I love about being a firefighter

about 2 months ago

I am a volunteer firefighter in the Rural Fire Service. Our weekly training involves scenarios such as car fires, property protection, bush navigation, first aid and maintenance, where we sharpen tools and fix stuff. We get called out to a variety of incidents such as bushfires, car accidents, search and rescue and hazard reductions. Sometimes my pager goes off at work – that’s what the siren i...


Programmed's domestic violence stance

about 2 months ago

Programmed supports the elimination of violence against women, and all other forms of domestic and family violence. Our policy includes up to 10 days domestic violence paid leave for all permanent employees and eligible casual employees, all other casual employees are entitled up to 10 days unpaid domestic violence leave. Employees also have access to counselling available through our Employee ...