WORK180 raises $1m

3 days ago

WORK180 jobs board focused on workplace gender equality raises $1m Previously known as DCC Jobs, WORK180 uses funding to expand globally WORK180 formerly DCC Jobs, known for being the only jobs platform which pre-screens employers to ensure they support women’s careers has raised $1 million in their seed round and will change its name to WORK180. The successful seed round was led by Skip Capita...


DCC Jobs rebrands to WORK180

4 days ago

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently finalised our capital raise and are undergoing a global expansion with the UK soft launch first up on April 19th, 2018. As part of our evolution, we have completed a great deal of research among candidates, clients and partners. Thank you to everyone who were part of our focus groups! As a result, we are rebranding DCC Jobs to WORK180 to better ...


Stuck In A Career Rut? Here’s 4 Ways To Break Out Of It.

5 days ago

Ever had one of those pivotal moments where you are at work and you feel like your values aren’t aligned? Or you feel a bit sick going to work every day? If this is you, then something is wrong. Trust you gut instinct and make some changes. It’s probably time to re-assess where you are at. So don’t panic. We have lots of practical tips to get you up and running….and to help you get an energisin...


Return to Work with the Stamina Program

9 days ago

The Stamina - Women returning to work program is designed to support women wanting to return to work within a STEM industry. This is a free program, available for 30 females. Candidates must have previously worked in STEM and be looking to return to employment within a STEM industry in Australia. The program will help develop networks across Universities, Research Centres, Industry and Governme...


Career Reboot with Xero - Endorsed Employer for Women

18 days ago

Endorsed Employer for Women Xero recognises the challenges individuals face in returning to work after an extended break. Career Reboot with Xero is a recruitment campaign for job-seekers who are looking to return to work after a career break of 2+ years. They currently have positions available in their Customer Success and Product teams, based in Melbourne. What do the positions involve and wh...


Flexible Working - 5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity When Working From Home

19 days ago

When WORK180 suveyed its community, women revealed access to flexible working a top priority when assessing an employer. There’s no argument about the benefits of flexible working- increased productivity, happier and more engaged staff and reduced office costs to name a few. ​ Whilst flexible working comes in many forms, working from home is one that is highly desirable by employees and becomin...


What I’ve Learnt From Running NodeGirls and a Superhero Daughter Day Events

21 days ago

Last week I was sitting at my desk reminiscing and looking over the photos from the events I had organised in the past two weeks. On the 17th of March I organised along with a very supportive volunteering team the first NodeGirlsworkshop of 2018. NodeGirls is a community that provides a friendly atmosphere for women who would like to try programming for the first time or would like to learn som...


Female Leader, Emily Duggan, Australian Racing Car Driver

22 days ago

When Emily Duggan, Australian Racing Car Driver was preparing for her first race in 2014, to compete against an all male field, she called the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) to check with officials whether it was within the rules to allow a woman to compete. Fortunately, they confirmed there was no rule to exclude her, so her starting race was secured. In an incredible story of ...


3 Baby Steps to Create a Great Workplace for Yourself

22 days ago

Do you love your job? Do you like the way you work? Do you have the ability to manage your work and life commitments? If you answered yes to that, I celebrate you and the actions you have taken to get there. You and I both know that all of the pieces of the puzzle of lifethe pieces in our life puzzle didn’t just fall into place magically. You made decisions and you took actions, maybe even face...


Celebrating Global Day of the Engineer

23 days ago

Today is the Global Day of the Engineer, a day to celebrate and honour engineers in our communities, workplaces and families. Recent research published by our industry partner Engineers Australia identified women engineers to be most resilient in the job market.The new trend indicates an increase of women in engineering. Access to flexible working practices, closing the pay gap and offer meanin...