Remembering our Queen of Soul

about 20 hours ago

On August 16th 2018, Aretha Franklin, the 'Queen of Soul’ died aged 76. Aretha signature songs, 'Respect' and 'Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves', are veritable feminist anthems. Her powerful lyrics resonate with women all around the world. Aretha's was unapologetic, intelligent, sophisticated and a full-fledged diva. These are some of the lessons that she taught us. Stand up for marginalized...


Six women who reached the top but no one told you

2 days ago

Companies that intentionally pursue the appointment of women to their top leadership ranks are better positioned to outperform competitors. Firms with the highest gender diversity show stronger stock price growth (70%) and having at least one woman on the board decreases bankruptcy by a full 20%. Today we are celebrating women who broke down barriers, challenged stereotypes and have been promot...


An insider’s view on creating an inclusive corporate culture

3 days ago

Corporate Australia is increasingly embracing diversity and inclusion to become a more attractive option for employees. But what does it really take to change a workplace culture and instill values of inclusion? Veronica Lakin, pictured left, is the Organisation Development Manager – Diversity and Inclusion for Optus. Her role is to design and drive diversity and inclusion initiatives across th...


How to find a mentor and why you should start today

5 days ago

Earlier last month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Ashurst Sydney Women's Internal Mentoring event on "The Importance of Mentoring for Career Success". Mentoring has helped me significantly throughout my career both as an employee, as well as over the last three and a half years as an entrepreneur. Mentoring is something I believe anyone can benefit from, whether it is being mentored or m...


Why we need to think twice before we speak

10 days ago

I received an email the other day, as I do every day from the Herald-Sun newspaper. The email summarises the main stories of the day and allows me to click on a link and read a story if I choose. Quite normal for any newspaper in these digital days. However, one story caught my attention today for reasons other than its content. The heading was innocuous enough "Can you pass the money quiz men ...


Cricket Australia’s endorsement has been suspended

16 days ago

In July 2018, Cricket Australia became an an Endorsed Employer for Women by meeting minimum standards for the WORK180 criteria. This included amount of paid parental leave for both primary and secondary carers, support for flexible working and initiatives for women in leadership. We take our endorsements seriously. Therefore, in light of the Angela Williamson case, we have suspended Cricket Aus...


Let’s unpack the outrage around this picture

16 days ago

Four men talking about Women in IT. Brace yourself and grab some popcorn -let’s have a look at some of the responses. You cannot be serious — Lesley Carhart (@hacks4pancakes) July 27, 2018 Surprised (not surprised) they found four mansplainers for the panel. — George Simpson (@gezerk) July 27, 2018 RMS recently hosted the Women in IT Forum at the end of May, with the theme ‘Male Champions of Ch...


Digging Deep - The Women Behind Sydney's New Tunnel

17 days ago

A group of eight engineers at Endorsed Employer for Women CPB Contractors are taking on the complex and challenging tunnelling works at the WestConnex New M5 project, with positions ranging from undergraduate roles to management and leadership positions. The women also offer a new set of diverse role models in an otherwise often male-dominated industry. With the support of this group and other ...


Why Health and Wellbeing Matters in the Workplace

17 days ago

Hi, I’m Megan! I look after our Health & Wellbeing program at Optus and have been with the organisation since 2012. I originally started out my career as a nurse, but after 10 years, I realised I was more passionate about workplace wellbeing. In 2005, I set up the first national corporate wellbeing program in Australia and haven’t looked back since. To summarise why I do what I do; I love helpi...


Lessons I learnt the hard way

24 days ago

I've worked in Financial Markets for seventeen years. It is varied, fast-paced and, yes, male-dominated. I've lived in Sydney, London and New York; I've worked in trading and sales roles; I've met some of my best friends along the way. If you had mapped out those highlights to me as a graduate I would have signed up to work for free, but you'd be missing half the story. I learnt a lot of lesson...